Holly Gressley is a designer based in Los Angeles. 

I'm a Design Director at Vox Media, currently leading the design team responsible for the publishing software that power Chorus, our proprietary content management system. Over the last 10+ years, I've provided creative direction and design for hundreds of projects for a wide range of clients and verticals, independently and with companies like Quora, Apple, the New York Times, and IDEO. Please contact me for a full portfolio of work. 

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Holly Gressley is a designer based in Los Angeles. I currently work on the product design team at Netflix. Prior to Netflix, I worked in design leadership roles at Vox Media and Quora, and as a design consultant with companies like Adobe, Airbnb, Apple, Dwell, IDEO, and Intuit. Before moving to California in 2010, I ran a design studio in Brooklyn called Rumors and worked with publishers like NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Conde Nast, and others. In my spare time, I enjoy learning about urbanism, architecture, and art, ceramics, and hiking with my dog Izzy. 

Please get in touch or connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, Quora, or Linkedin.





At Vox, I’ve been managing a distributed team of designers responsible for the evolution of Chorus, Vox Media’s proprietary web-based content management system. Chorus powers storytelling across our eight brands and 325+ websites each day. Our team is focused on the creation experience. Together, we migrated and redesigned the experience of tons of new storytelling and collaboration features onto a new story editor. Our team also redesigned the editorial team dashboard, improved search and publishing capabilities based on user feedback, and built a new storytelling format called packaged content in collaboration with the Audience Experience team.

"The story editor is honestly a dream. The amount of time it took me to format anything in HTML from 2015-2016, compared to the time it takes me now, is insane: At least half my day before, now minutes."
— User survey, February 2018

Group 2@2x.png

Chorus design system

Our team at Vox Media has spent the last two years designing and implementing a component-based UI system and front-end framework in order to unify the user experience across our entire platform of applications. We established a look & feel style guide as a starting point. From there, we researched, defined, built and iterated on a core set of UI components. It’s been incredibly exciting to see our tools change before our eyes, and we’re excited to further evolve the design system in 2018.


Quora brand system

At Quora, I designed and implemented a full brand system from the ground up, including a full logo redesign. Read about the logo design process here.

"The "Q" in the new logo is beautiful and bold, remaining as the quick identifier of the company in social media. The rest of the letters are just as nice and bookish, supporting the knowledge premise of the Quora brand. The tiny version of the logo is my favorite part of this. That's attention to detail."
—Armin Vit, Brand New



At Quora, I worked with the product design team to refine the typography, layout, and visual design approach for our web, iOS, and Android apps. I contributed to features including Blogs, Knowledge Prizes, Sessions, Feed, and Community Programs (Top Writers). I created custom icons, redesigned the about and login page, and worked on the logged out experience for the iPad app.


Anthology app

During a hack week, a team of designers and engineers designed and built a read-only iOS app. The Anthology app showcased the work of our Top Writers, whose work was collected, edited and published in the Quora Anthology books. In addition to the app, I managed the design, editorial direction, and production for the books themselves.



From 2007–2010, I cofounded and ran the Brooklyn-based design studio Rumors. We provided design and creative direction for interactive, brand, and editorial projects for clients that ranged from startups to Fortune 500 companies.



Art direction, graphic design, and personal work on my Cargo Collective site.